Zophra Jewellery

This Christmas there is little that will make the woman in your life “ooh” than a new piece of jewellery. A beautifully wrapped, statement piece of jewellery will do even better! That’s where Zophra come in.

Zophra are an online jewellery boutique and feature some gorgeous jewellery in the latest trends. Not only that but their packaging is absolutely stunning – just look at these boxes! No effort required is the best way at Christmas too.


With prices ranging from just £3.00 for a necklace and £3.00 for a set of earrings the store won’t blow your budget either! I selected these two beautiful pieces from their range – the Ringed gold necklace (£15.00) and Gold flower necklace (£16.00). I was truly astounded at the beauty of the pieces, especially for the price!





They are of great quality and certainly look like they cost a lost more than they did too! These would make the perfect treat for yourself, a friend, family member or even a secret Santa! With a huge range of different types of jewellery there is something for everyone – but be quick before I buy the whole range!


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