Why you should be drinking coffee every day

We’ve been drinking it for six centuries, in countries all around the world, but it’s only recently that we’ve found out just how amazing coffee is.

Not only does it taste great and provide the perfect pick-up at the start of the day, it’s also remarkably good for your health.

As scientists explore its secrets, more and more unexpected benefits are emerging. Now it seems that drinking four to six cups a day could help you think more sharply, feel better and even live longer.

Mental benefits

The first thing most people think of when they think of coffee – apart from the flavour – is the sense of energy it can provide; but did you know that it can actually make you smarter? Research has shown that drinking coffee improves overall cognitive function and has particular benefits when it comes to vigilance, reaction times, logical reasoning, memory and mood. Moderate consumption could also reduce your risk of depression by as much as 20% and prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Even just the scent of coffee has been shown to relieve stress.

Physical benefits

Caffeine can be great for your general health, speeding up your metabolism, helping your body burn fat and reducing the risk of you developing type 2 diabetes – perhaps by as much as 67%. Because it breaks down fatty acids which then move into the bloodstream, it can improve athletic performance, as it makes that extra source of fuel available to hungry cells. Alongside these effects, it protects against cirrhosis of the liver and reduces the risk of stroke. It also seems to decrease the likelihood that you will develop liver cancer or colorectal cancer, along with skin cancer if you’re female, and some early research is suggesting that it could reduce the risk of prostate cancer. It may also prevent or moderate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in susceptible individuals.

Getting your fix

There are many ways to consume coffee. It can be used in cakes, in biscuits, in liqueurs and tiramisu; it can be prepared black, white, or as a cappuccino, latte, espresso or frappé; it can be flavoured or used in mocha. When you want the perfect cup with minimal fuss, a Tassimo coffee machine can be a real boon. You can rely on it to produce the drink of your choice, brewed at just the right temperature for just the right amount of time. These stylish machines look great in your kitchen and they make life easy at the times when you need it most.

Although it’s still advisable to moderate your coffee consumption – four to six cups a day appears to be the optimum level for good health – it really is something you can benefit from drinking daily. It’s a great way to bring yourself to full wakefulness at breakfast time and its ideal at break times during the day, whenever you’re starting to flag. What’s more, on top of all these amazing improvements it can bring to your health, it is, of course, delicious.



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