Wax Lyrical x Silentnight

One thing that has always been of most importance in my life is a good night’s sleep, without one I am drowsy, lost and useless the next day. So, anything that can help improve my sleep, and ensure I am getting my 8 hours, is good in my book – which this Silentnight x Wax Lyrical collaboration certainly is!

Feature a candle, diffuser and room spray within the range, each are fragranced with the gentle scents of Lavender and Chamomile, delicate citrus notes of mandarin and sweet orange, and supported by a heart of white floral notes including orchid and jasmine blended with lavender, elemi and sandalwood.

The perfect combination of scents to ease you off in to a silent slumber.

I have formed a routine of using these products and have certainly been sleeping very peacefully – and my home is beautifully scented too, honestly, I cannot tell you how lovely these products smell!

With the candle lit in my lounge for a few hours before bed, I head up to stairs where the diffuser is placed in my bedroom – and a few sprays of the room spray lightly scent my linens. Encompassed by these essential oils, selected specifically for relaxation, I drift off with no difficulty.

Even if you’re not looking to enhance your sleep, the diffuser alone is the perfect scent for your bedroom. It is lightly scented, but strong enough to make a difference.

What’s more, the range is affordable too! At just £8 for the room spray, £12 for the candle and £14 for the 100ml diffuser. Shop now.


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