Turning 24: My Birthday Weekend 

When you are young you truly never realise just how quickly life passes you by. Turning 24 I wonder where the years have gone! I was speaking to a friend I first met when I was 19 and it is mad to get my head around that!

But I am not worried. I am enjoying my life far more now than I was then – although I must admit the panic might settle in next year when I reach a quater of a century!

I had an amazing birthday weekend though, something I really needed. Spending time with friends and family was the perfect medicine!

Do you remember when you were younger and your birthday list was as long as your arm? Well these days I just can never think of what I want! Anything I need I buy, so when my birthday or Christmas rolls around it’s almost impossible to think of something.

My family got me some amazing things though and I am really thankful for the thought that went in to them!

My parents have been kind enough to pay for a holiday for me in the next few months – one of the best presents you could give me to be honest! But got me a few others things too, the primary one being this gorgeous heart frame from Sass & Belle – filled with photos of me and the family as I grew up. I used to be cute, what happened?!

I absolutely love it and it is is now proudly hanging from my bedroom wall!

If you follow me on Twitter you will also have spotted my excitement about receiving a RC helicopter – perhaps an odd choice at 24! The drone (how big a geek am I) I wanted was a little out of price range so this was the perfect compromise. Though I will admit to being absolutely rubbish at flying it!

In the afternoon I went out to Miller and Carter with my family for some dinner. I have been craving ribs for weeks so it was a very welcome treat! The service wasn’t fantastic so luckily we weren’t in a rush, but it was great to catch up with my Brother on his return from uni – though he wouldn’t quite give us all the gossip.

After all that family time – I needed a drink. I’m joking, but a bottle of Champagne was calling my name. My friend came over and we finished it off before heading out to a few pubs, clubs and bars. I got very drunk and thankfully there are no pictures! But here is one from before the evening began. I look too happy.

So that was it! Another year and birthday gone, but I couldn’t have had a better weekend with friends and family than I did!


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