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I recently hit the mid-twenties. When I was younger I used to think that anybody above the age of 21 was a real adult and most definitely had their life together – now I know that was entirely incorrect!

However, one joy of becoming that one step closer to a ‘real adult’ is the wrinkles and lines that are caused by pollution and everyday stresses/strains. Whilst others may find they tend to get these on their forehead or around their lips, mine appear to have centred around my eyes and area something I have long been concerned about.

Obviously they are not super deep or expansive, but at 25 it’s certainly something you are aware of and would rather prevent than attempt to cure!

Which leads me on to this wonderful little device which promises to remove all my concerns about these pesky little lines, the Tria Beauty Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Treatment Laser.



Retailing at £299 this little device is definitely an investment but I have read some really great things about it, and seen the results it can give, so if lines around the eyes are something that especially bother you then it would definitely be worth giving it a go – the results sound promising.

The way the device works is simple. It makes use of a beam of light that hits the skin around your eye area, perfectly designed to target the delicate skin here, and causes cellular disruption. The body’s natural healing process then rejuvenates and regenerates this skin, leaving you with smooth results!

The device itself it very lightweight but feels substantial, and not at all cheap. It is certainly a well-made piece of equipment and one I really think will deliver on its promises.  The instructions that it comes with are simple to follow, and to be honest I don’t think using this device is very challenging at all! Simply apply to each eye for an allotted time period, over consecutive days and you’re done.

My only concern with anything like this is the pain factor. I won’t admit to having the highest pain threshold so I was definitely researching the reviews from other users and I am delighted to note that I barely saw any who said the procedure was painful! So this is definitely right up my street.

In order to give a fair and honest review I will be using this device for a month or two, and then follow-up on this post with how I have fared and whether this device really is the saviour I am hoping for! Until then, wish me luck…



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    Oh my, that is quite the investment but this is something I would definitely give a go! I’m only 23, but I do have quite a few fine lines around the eyes which deepen a lot when I smile or laugh. It’s not a big deal, but I do sometimes see them and just think, ‘I wonder what could reduce the look of them?’ So may have to have a little looky at this!


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    My only worry would be that I’d accidentally point it in my eye? But maybe there’s a safety feature for that lol? I’m not sure if, at 26, I am ready to admit to my eye lines yet, but I reckon when I hit 30 I’ll have to!

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