Treats Direct

Let’s be honest, sweets make the perfect snack – even if they don’t have the most ideal of nutritional content. But from just £2.49 for the first box, can you really refuse?

I will admit that I am a bit of a sugar addict of late. If you had asked me just a few years ago I would have stated that I was a savoury ‘kind of girl’, but now (just as my metabolism begins to slow!) but sweet tooth has made a sudden appearance and I just can’t get enough of sweets, chocolate and more.

Which is exactly what makes these Treats Direct boxes perfect. A random assortment of sweets, aligned to the ‘types’ you like best – which for me that’s certainly jelly/chewy. You’ll receive 4 punnets in each box, and I think these themselves are perfect as it allows some form of rationing… or so I tell myself.

The boxes themselves look great, and would make the perfect gift because of it. Letterbox friendly, they are bright and colourful with some really cute branding too. In fact, I really love the branding and think it’s small things like the inserts which really add to the box and its value.

This isn’t just a box of sweets, this is a box of fun and enjoyment. It’s the perfect excuse to give yourself that treat you want or need, even though you should need the excuse in the first place!

You can decide to purchase a box as a one-off (at the introductory price of just £2.49) or purchase an on-going subscription at £3.99 per box, at whichever frequency you select. For the price of a coffee or sandwich, these really are worth it – and the sweets are high quality, and delicious too.

Plus, with 100’s of sweets available you’ll never be left bored of sugary treats to tingle your taste buds – or those of whoever if lucky enough to receive a gift box or two!


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