Tillie’s Tea Room at Marsh Farm, Essex

A few weeks ago I visited Tillie’s Tea Room for afternoon tea with my mum and grandparents. Don’t let the fact it’s based at Marsh Farm in Essex put you off though! The entrance to it is way before you start getting your feet muddy and petting pigs.

On entering the mock-Tudor style building with its low beams and cosy interior, you are immediately left feeling comfortable and relaxed. Almost like popping to your nans for tea – but a little more stylish.

Tables are covered with mismatched crockery which together looks entirely elegant and eye catching. The tea room serves breakfast and lunch too, so you aren’t limited to just sandwiches and cakes.

Soon after our arrival we were served with the biggest pot of tea I have ever laid my eyes on, perfect for a group of 4 with a bit of a thirst!





Not long after our cake tray of sandwiches, cakes and scones arrived – and we weren’t disappointed. The sandwich ranged from smoked salmon to salt beef and overall offered a great selection for all palettes.

However, I always seem to fall in to the trap of not quite realising how much I am eating when the food is in finger food style portions. Getting half way through my delicious scone – with jam and clotted cream no less – I was pretty full, and I am sure the vast quantity of tea didn’t help either!

For the sake of review – of course – though I persevered and sampled a few bites of some of the cakes too. The jam tart-esque cakes were quite crumbly to eat but delicious with their lemon curd or jam interiors.

Overall I was really impressed with Tillie’s Tea Room. Whilst not somewhere you would necessarily drive past to stop at, it is certainly worth a visit for anybody local or visiting the farm with their children.

You can find more about the venue here.



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