The Ultimate Glamping Trip

Camping has never been my bag. In fact I cannot think of a worse way to spend a weekend or holiday – I just don’t understand the appeal that a canvas tent, sleeping bag and outdoor bathroom unit could possibly have. It is also the reason that festivals have never appealed to me either – just the thought of not being clean puts me off!

However, glamping is something I can definitely try. The air of luxury to the experience, the real roof and the comfortable interior of glamping facilities means that I wouldn’t feel like I was going without my pet comforts, but I would still be able to enjoy the outside of festival experience.

It’s not like those luxury motor homes like you would see Kate Moss slumming it in at Glastonbury – though if you have a spare penny or two I definitely wouldn’t say no to the opportunity! Think more wigwam or log cabin; the extra protection from the elements and comfortable surroundings mean that you will be sure to have a good nights sleep and be ready for whatever the next day may bring!

The perfect idea for you and a few friends, glamping means you can go somewhere different and get away from the big city if you have to. Taking a break amongst nature can really be good for the mind, and if you’re anything like me then glamping is definitely the way to do this without missing the comfort of a hotel too much!

If you think glamping could be for you then you’re in luck! Get the Label are currently running a competition to win a 2 night glamping holiday for you and your friends, ยฃ75 to spend at Get the Label PLUS the Ulimate Glamping Getaway Kit – as featured above, featuring all the essentials you could possibly need! From a Bluetooth speaker to a selfie stick, Batiste dry shampoo to a Brita water bottle.

Enter here for your chance to win – I know I will be!


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