The Lazy Hostess book review

There has never been a book better suited to me than this one. Titled “The Lazy Hostess” the book is a perfect guide to, as they put it, “entertain and feed our freeloading friends without breaking the bank and barely lifting a finger” – my sort of style! Launched just last month I am sure that this book will soon become a staple on many kitchen shelves!

The Lazy Hostess bookEnabling you to throw a stress free soiree this book shows you everything from cocktails to simple, yet unusual dishes. I particularly like the book because it has an entire chapter on bacon food. Who knew you could do so much with the delight that is bacon!

Aside from recipes the book also have a cheeky few tips on how to get your guests to go home, bedroom etiquette and how to persuade your friends to help you clean up the morning after!


This book is really cute; I love the illustrations and the tone of voice in which it is written in. It’s light hearted but has some really great recipe suggestions that I can’t wait to try out myself!

This book retails at £12.99 and is available for purchase from Amazon & Waterstones. Find out more about the book and its author, Babe Scott, here.



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    This sounds like a book that was written for me in mind :)! Will have to put this on my wish list. Loads of bacon recipes are a bonus too.

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