Summer Nails with Nails Inc

For me my favourite season of the year is the summer. The coats and jumpers can be banished to the back of the wardrobe, and the tights can finally be removed. But having so much extra skin on show does mean you need to up your game in terms of upkeep – and one of those focus points is your nails!

Keeping your nails, both toe and finger, in shape is a full time job! It can become costly if you are constantly visiting a beautician for a mani/pedi so between visits I like to keep control of my own nail shape and colour. This not only keeps the costs down, but allows me more flexibility in selecting and changing up my colours for the summer months.

Whilst I love a gel manicure, it does limit you to one colour for a 2/3 week duration and sometimes this can get a little tedious. Particularly when you have a last-minute event to attend and your nail colour just doesn’t match your proposed outfit!

So instead I have been looking for some options in terms of a gel manicure at home. I love the high-shine, long lasting factors that a gel nail varnish brings to the table and so when I heard that Nails Inc were offering some great polishes (in multiple shades) that would fit my needs – I knew they would be perfect to fit my requirements this summer!



However, despite my profession of wanting to change up my nail colours all the time – when I find a colour I like, I tend to stick with it. Over the summer months this is most definitely red, but I wanted something a bit brighter for summer and so pink definitely fitted the bill. These 2 shades do have a little more variation in them than it might look in the photo, but they are both equally as perfect for my fingers and toes. Adding a shot of bright colour to my summer outfits.

My real key to summer nails however? Stop faffing around with cotton pads and nail varnish remover, these pots are what we have all been waiting for! Simply insert your finger, twist it around once or twice and all your polish is gone! Simple as that and perfect for when you just need to re-do one nail in particular.

The best time to debut your brightest summer shades, however, is on holiday of course! The website offers a wide range of holidays across the globe in their Destinations section so be sure to take a peek – and start planning what shades you can paint your nails when you reach your destination!


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