Stay Hydrated with Highland Spring

Ensuring you are hydrated is essential to ensuring your body functions correctly and at its optimum level. With the government recommending that you drink 2 L of water a day it is essential to ensure that you drink water or a suitable alternative throughout the day to meet this.

I wasn’t surprised to hear that recent research by Highland Spring proved that 66% of British people do not feel that they drink enough water on a daily basis. This goes to show that we need to ensure that we are getting enough water into our systems to remain hydrated, increase brain function and ensure that our body is healthy and happy.

I am definitely in the 66%, I never drink enough water and I am aware of it but it’s difficult. Whilst I like water it isnt the most exciting thing to drink and this is why people instead opt for fizzy alternatives that are in healthy and full of sugar. So instead I decided to look at ways of making water more enjoyable…

I am a huge fan of citrus I love adding lemon and lime to recipes, and so I decided to add it to my water too. For years I have heard about adding lemon to glass of water first thing in the morning, this is meant to be a great way to start the day and so I thought I’d give this a go and see if it really made a difference.



Enjoying a glass of water with lemon each morning did turn out to be a great way to start the day. It was refreshing, hydrating and ensured that I got a glass of water before I left for work each day.

Whilst I have never been a fan of sparkling water I also found that adding lemon or lime to this was also very enjoyable and provided a healthy sparkling drink alternative to a sugar laden fizzy drink.

What are you favourite ways to enjoy water and keep hydrated?


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