Sorrel Restaurant, Dorking

Sorrel is a restaurant in Dorking, by Steve Drake, that has recently been awarded its first Michelin star. On my visit prior to this announcement I was amazed to discover that it wasn’t yet listed amongst other such prestigious establishments… it was certainly well deserving!

The building housing Sorrel is a mixture of old and new, with a modern glass entrance way and an interior reminiscent of an old cottage, complete with beams and low ceilings. It was cosy but still felt fresh, clean and modern.

The staff were incredibly friendly, and unlike some Michelin star restaurants I found that they actually had a little more personality – they could laugh and joke, whilst remaining professional. Something it feels is often frowned upon in restaurants like these!

The little touches were there too, with the menu folded in an oragami style and presented back to us, once we had decided on our meal, in an envelope for safe keeping. A lovely way to reminisce on the courses you savoured and enjoyed.

Naturally, the best way to enjoy a restaurant like Sorrel is to sample their tasting menu. Plentiful dishes of meat, vegetables and fish to tantalise the taste buds and leave you wanting more. No dish disappointed, and no plate was left anything than other than clean – the combinations of the dishes, both in flavours and textures, worked so well and were each the perfect combination with each other too.

Unfortunately, our asparagus dish was missed, but instead we were presented with a glass of dessert wine and an additional dessert, so I certainly couldn’t complain. One of the most interesting desserts was simply titled “carrot tobacco” and on arrival it certainly looked like that, but it inevitably turned out to be delicious – both to look at and to taste.

9 courses of scallops, lamb, artichokes, strawberries, beetroot and much more later… we were left full, satisfied and having had an incredibly enjoyable evening.

At just £95 for the 9 courses, the “Discovery Menu” was certainly excellent value and the best way to sample Steve Drake’s creations. Also available is a 5 course tasting menu at £65, and the full A la Carte menu for those who prefer to savour a few less dishes.

Dorking itself is a lovely village, full of great bars and restaurants, and is located just outside of London – so if you’re nearby it’s definitely worth the visit, and make sure you make your reservation at Sorrel!


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