Skincare Tips For Summertime

Summer is always so much fun, but there’s no denying it can be hard on your skin. The sun can be aging, drying and over time cause a significant amount of damage unless you’re really careful. That tan that looks good now will fade, but the wrinkles it leaves behind certainly won’t when you end up looking old before your time! However there are plenty of ways that you can enjoy the sun while still looking after your skin, here are a few things to think about.

Be Vigilant With SPF

Ideally you should wear an SPF on your face every day of the year, since the sun’s rays are damaging even when it’s not sunny. However in summer when you are out in it, it’s something that you need to be extra vigilant about. If you buy a moisturiser or foundation with sun protection included, you’re protected without even having to think about it. Although on sunny days, it’s worth investing in a factor fifty sun block and applying that to your face and neck (even if you use a lower SPF everywhere else). This will prevent premature aging and sun damage on the delicate face area. Don’t forget a lip balm containing SPF too.

Wear a Wide Brim Hat and Sunglasses

Not only will you look ultra glam, but a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses will also protect your skin over the summer. Around the eyes is particularly prone to drying out and becoming damaged, and so oversized sunnies will protect from UV rays. A big floppy hat will shade your face, and provide an extra layer of protection against the sun. By protecting from the sun efficiently you should find that your body becomes more tanned than your face. No need to fret, you can easily match them using a bronzer on a big fluffy brush or even use a gradual fake tanner designed for the face. It’s much better than shrivelling your skin!

Stick To A Good Skincare Routine

Along with applying SPF daily, it’s important that the rest of your routine is effective too. An eye cream, a lip balm and a facial serum or oil will keep the skin well hydrated. In the evenings, opt for a richer and more intense moisturiser which can fully sink in as you sleep. Work out if your skin type is dry, oily or combination and use products that are specifically formulated for this in order to get the best results.

Regularly Pamper Your Skin

As well as your regular skincare routine, indulging your skin with a treatment can really help to keep it at it’s best. It could be a face mask targeted to your skin type or even a treatment at a salon such as a facial or microdermabrasion. This targets a number of issues including blotchy skin, fine lines and blocked pores. Since it gently sloughs off the dead skin cells on the surface (which can be problematic especially in summer when skin tends to be drier) it combats dullness and makes skin look much fresher.

Caring for your skin involves taking precautions wherever you can by protecting it from the sun, and treating and caring for your skin based on its individual needs. Take care of your skin now, and you’ll thank yourself when you’re older and don’t have to deal with sun damage.

How do you protect your skin from the sun?


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