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After recently reading about how micellar water isn’t as great as you might think it is I have been looking for something that will properly cleanse my skin and ensure it is as clean as possible before bed. I previously removed my make-up and cleansed by face with micellar water but there has been some mention that it doesn’t in fact remove as much daily grime as you may think!

So I went on a hunt to look for something that would work and I came across the Deep Pore Cleanser by Rio. Retailing at £149.99 this isn’t cheap but if it works it’s always worth spending a little bit more! Plus it actually retails at less than a similar gadget which was all the rage with beauty bloggers a few months ago.

Rio Deep Pore Cleanser Rio Deep Pore Cleanser

This deep pore cleanser works differently to others you may have seen. It uses micro-current technology to cleanse, moisturise and refresh the skin. It features four different settings for different treatments, allowing you to deep cleanse, prep, moisturise or refresh. I love that this contains four different treatments in one as it makes it better value for money.

I primarily use the deep cleanse setting and have been really impressed with the results so far. The gadget is easy to use for this process; you simply wet a circular cotton pad and apply to the metal area. You then clip it on with one of the circular plastic clips provided in the kit, and then apply a few squirts of the cleansing product and you are ready to go!

The deep cleanse program takes 5 minutes to run and you will need to move the machine gradually from the centre of your face to the outside as you go. The machine gives off light vibrations which aren’t uncomfortable and they ensure that you know the gadget is working its magic!

The cleansing gel provided is really lovely to use and has a very, very light scent for those who prefer unscented products. Containing vitamin E and aloe vera you can be sure that it is treating your face to the best ingredients.

Not only does the deep pore cleanser ensure that you are left with a clean and cleansed face but the technology that makes the gadget pulse and vibrate also aids in reducing the signs of ageing – which is another bonus!

There are two settings for each of the programs: H (high) or L (low). What is great about this is that you can work your way up to the higher settings, allowing yourself to get used to the machine first. Also, the low settings means that those with sensitive skin will be able to use the gadget too.

After using the Rio Deep Pore Cleanser for a few weeks now my skin is honestly in such great condition. I previously had slightly bumpy skin to my nose and cheek area but this is so much smoother now, which I am really pleased about. The cleanser helps remove that bits of make-up that I didn’t realise were there and I can now sleep soundly knowing my skin is suitably clean and refreshed.

View more and purchase the Deep Pore Cleanser here.


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