Revolution Southend-on-Sea

In all honesty, if I was looking for a place to dine for lunch or dinner Revolution would not come to mind. But how wrong I was to discount a place with such a vast menu and such delicious food on offer all day, every day!

A few months ago Revolution opened in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, joining the ranks of the other new food establishments opening in the area. Based in the old HMV building on Queen’s Road, this venue is absolutely massive and they have certainly utilised the space well. With an open roofed terrace, which benefits from a roof in the winter, and a stylish ground floor with space to eat or drink, I absolutely fell in love with the décor, style and feel of the venue from the moment we walked through the door.

The staff were incredibly friendly, going through their list of cocktails and food options, and quickly ordered our first choices – a mocktail for the driver, and one of their real funky looking cocktails for the non-driver!

The menu is pretty expansive for an establishment of this type. With offerings from burgers to BBQ ribs, pizzas and healthy options too. What I also loved is that they offered many alternatives to make their meals healthier and/or gluten free. From salad instead of fries and a bun on your burger, or half a pizza with salad to reduce the calories just that little bit. The wide variety of options really had me impressed – and meant I struggled to decide what to opt for!

In the end we shared 3 of their tapas style starters – breaded prawns, buttermilk chicken and nachos. These were a great way to start the meal and the portion sizes were impressive too! Each as delicious as the last, but the nachos were definitely my favourite with such large helpings of the various dips and melted cheese.

For mains we opted for the BBQ ribs, and a burger which featured the addition of wotsit crisps – a strange choice you may think, but the crunchy texture that you would not typically expect in a burger was very unique and opened up a whole new dimension to burgers!







Unfortunately, we were just so full that we couldn’t manage dessert, but there was a chocolate fondue option that I have my eye on for next time!

Our visit to Revolution showed me that there is more to them than just their various flavoured vodka shots (although these will forever be a favourite!) and to remember them as an option for lunch or dinner the next time we are looking at eating out. What’s even better? I spotted a sign that offers 50% of all food every Monday… happy eating!


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