QuickMax – Eyelash Growth Enchancer

Two years ago I discovered eyelash extensions and fell in love! It was wonderful waking up each morning with beautiful long lashes and not having to apply any mascara. However my addiction to these left my lashes feeling a little shorter and thinner once I finally had them removed.

Since then I have been looking for a product that will help boost the growth of my lashes and restore their thickness.
I found this product, QuickMax which promised to do just what I needed it to and so thought I would give it a try.

IMG_3537-001 IMG_3539-001

I will admit that I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to products like this. Can they really aid growth or are they just a placebo? I am pleased to say that this product has certainly helped the growth somewhat and my lashes are starting to get back to their prime.

I think the main reason that this product works is that previously I would not have applied anything to my lashes apart from mascara. This can leave them feeling dry and essentially this product helps to condition them and stimulate growth. It can also be used on brows for any of you overzealous pluckers!

You apply as you would eyeliner every night and then rinse off in the morning. I love products that are as quick and simple to use as this one.

Overall I am quite impressed with QuickMax, it certainly has done what it promised to do and whilst at £24.95 it may not be the cheapest product, you only use a tiny amount per application so the cost per use it actually incredibly small!

Have you used QuickMax before?


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