Pure Colour by New Look

In all honesty I have never been fully convinced by high street clothing stores launching make-up lines. Surely it is a case of stick to what you know? Whilst clothes stores may know what makes a great a-line shift, do they really have the knowledge to purchase and sell good quality make-up?

Well, I put the Pure Colour range from New Look to the test and was somewhat impressed by the results.

With prices ranging from just £1 this make-up range is certainly something you would pick up at the till before purchasing your dress for a night out. It’s great in some ways because you are able to grab a nail varnish, for example, to match that hot new dress – and not spend a fortune doing so!

The products I gave a try were a nail varnish, lip crayon, lipgloss, lipliner and their liquid eyeliner pen.

I didnt have much joy with the eyeliner pen but I think that is more down to my inability to use it in a correct manner. I just end up getting it everywhere – so I think I will stick to my existing one!

However, the rest of the range were suitably impressive. The lipgloss held its sheen and accentuated the lip crayon. Creating a glossy look from an otherwise matte colour.

The nail varnish itself was very pink, but a lovely shade. That would be the only downfall of purchasing the make-up online, although that applies to any brand of make-up. The lip liner held in place for hours and was definitely a good buy at just £1.99 – a bargain by anybodys standards.

So, did New Look change my opinion on high street store make-up? To a degree yes, it’s a great way to try a new colour of nail varnish or lipstick without spending a fortune, but the quality will of course never meet the designer brands that are available elsewhere.

However for the price point there is a wide variety of colour and choice – so if you spot it in store, pick up a few bits to try out!



  1. Robyn Seviour says

    Im usually a bit sceptical too about clothinn store make up lines, but that lip crayon is a lovely colour! I might have to give it a go

  2. jo liddement says

    I agree I am a bit dubious about chain store make up but these look amazing quality and nice colours

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