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I see a lot of people asking how to promote their blog and so today I thought I would bring you some SEO tips that are great for increasing exposure of your blog, primarily by ensuring you rank high with search engines.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, it basically involves making small adjustments to any blog posts that you create to boost your organic rating with search engines.  It is simple enough to do if you know how and it is a great free way to increase your readership.

What do I need to do?

Blog Title

Lyrics are cute but search engines won’t link a title with lyrics up to the content of your post. You need to think about what you are writing about and then select a few keywords that are relevant. Use these in your blog title to ensure that when users are searching on Google your post ranks highly.

For example, a post about the “That’s Real” mascara from Benefit would suit a title such as:

“Benefit Make-up That’s Real Mascara Review”

You are then covering several combinations that users may possibly search for the item – “Make-up”, “Mascara, “Review” and of course, by the product or company name.

Guest Post 1


Try to scatter your chosen keywords from your blog title amongst your post too. Don’t oversaturate, there is nothing worse than seeing a blog post with the keywords repeated every other word. Use then naturally – remember that search engines are not stupid and will realise what you are doing otherwise!

Simply starting your post with “Here is my review of the Benefit Make-up That’s Real Mascara” is a good place to start, if not the only use.

Guest Post 2
External Links

If search engines sees that other reputable websites, Google particularly likes those hosted through Blogger, are linking in to your blog then they will value you higher. Search engines sees websites with more links in as reputable and respected sources.

There are two ways to do this:

1 – Invest in a little blog advertising; this doesn’t have to cost a lot and is great exposure both for search engines and also for readers of the blog you advertise on. Try Passionfruit to search for available spaces.

2 – Guest post. I always find people asking for guest posters on Twitter and it is a really great way to possibly increase your readership. Not only will the readers of the other blog find out about you but search engines will again see your blog being linked from a site that has good content and a solid readership.

Categories and Tags

Your blog should have the feature of creating categories and/or tags and adding blog posts to them. Not only does this improve a user’s experience of your blog as they can easily navigate and find specific categories that appeal to them, but it also gives search engines some idea of what your blog post relates to. This can help them to narrow their search results down and give a more accurate result to users.

These are just some basic ways that you can get search engines on your side. They don’t take long and most of the time you will be doing them without realising, but keeping these points in mind will enable you to expand and grow as you deserve to do.

What are your top tips for blog promotion?


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