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I am an enormous lover of Clarins skincare products and whilst I have used other products now and again I always seem to gravitate back to them as my go to skincare brand.

However my budget doesn’t always stretch to the price of their cleansers and toners so I have been looking for something which gives equally as good results but for a much lower price tag.

I am sure you will have seen me rave about Tesco for beauty products before and that is because I am continually impressed with their product range and pricing. Because of this I decided that one of the first range of products I would try in my hunt would be from their Pro Formula range.

The Pro Formula range has products priced from just £3 which makes them suitable for any budget! On my first trial I decided to give their Hydrating Cleansing Oil (£4.99) and Radiance Micellar Water (£3.99) a try.

Tesco Pro Formula

Tesco Pro Formula

I have tried various micellar waters before and have found that some are a little irritating and can sting my eyes if the product is swept over them. For this reason I have been put off a little bit, however for the price I thought I would let this one see if it could change my mind.

It is extremely gentle and has a light cucumber like fragrance, although not overpowering by any means. Of course as it is water consistency it does come out very quickly so pour gently to ensure you don’t waste any product!

I use this before bed and in the morning and it really does leave my skin feeling fresh and smooth. I will be repurchasing this for sure.

I find that cleansing oils can sometimes be a little too greasy and because of that they aren’t very effective. I don’t want to be stood in the bathroom washing my face hundreds of times to get the last remnants of the product off. I want something that is easily removed and does the job.

Tesco Pro Formula

Whilst this product is of course a little oily it does feel that there is enough water in it to ensure it is easily removed. I used this to remove my eye make-up also and didn’t find it to irritate my eyes.

With a full face of make-up, including liquid eyeliner and several coats of mascara, I had to use this product twice to make a real budge in removing my make-up but I find this is true with most products I use. We want our make-up to last all day so I suppose we cannot complain when it refuses to budge!

Overall I am, again, hugely impressed with the Pro Formula range and can’t wait until I can next visit the beauty aisle at Tesco and put some more products in my basket.

Have you tried the Pro Formula range yet?


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