Popularity of Trainers

I have always associated trainers with sports and the gym; therefore you would never have seen me strolling around the high street in them! But it seems they have had a great revival in recent years and now they are absolutely everywhere – even on the feet of fashionistas on the FROW at LFW!

From the team at Elle wearing New Balance trainers from Millet Sports to catwalk shows to celebrities wearing Nike trainers to glitzy parties, it seems we are inundated with varieties of styles, colours and heights – low or high tops?!


A simple search on Google brings up enough “Top 10 trainers” lists to last you a lifetime, after all we do only have one pair of feet and trainers are generally designed to sustain wear!  But it doesn’t look like it is a trend that will be going anywhere anytime soon.

I am sure you have all seen the look pop up on fashion blogs from across the UK, from Converse to Nike blazers these trend setters know how to work the comfy footwear alternative and in doing so make it a staple item for every wardrobe.

Will I start wearing my trainers outside of the gym? I am not sure yet, but all the style inspiration is certainly helping to sway my opinion!

What do you think of trainers featuring in your everyday wardrobe?

(Image Sources: elleuk.com / stylebistro.com)



  1. says

    I too only wear trainers for the gym (well apart from my converse but you can’t wear them to the gym). It’s a trend that is fun and playful it’s just not something i can pull off.

    I will stick with my heels and look on with awe at those who can make this look work.


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