Personalised Twinings Tea Box

Do you have a tea lover in your life? Then there’s no better gift than this Personalised Twinings Tea Box for them, and the best part is – it can be customised just for them too!

The ideal gift for Christmas, this gorgeous little tea chest is full of flavourful tea bags that would be ideal for any taste bud. And it’s all contained within a personalised chest, with compartments to keep your teas organised.

It’s not until I developed somewhat of a ‘habit’ of collecting teas that I realised just how handy it would be to be able to keep them organised. My tea cupboard is currently overflowing with a vast variety of brands and flavours, but the pain of having to sift through them all each time I want a cup of tea means that I often just end up reverting to whatever is at hand!

This little chest will mean that your loved one can select exactly the tea they want, with no messing around. It’s ideal for home or work, and it would look really cute sat on a desk prepped and ready for elevenses.

At just £30 this really is a unique gift that would be perfect for anybody in your life who is a huge fan of tea, and especially as it features no less than 45 Twinings tea bags.

I just love too that they can make it clear that the tea is theirs, and all others should keep their hands off! Unless they fancy sharing of course…

It would be a lovely idea too to keep some pre-packaged biscuits in alternate spaces, perfect for dipping and dunking in your cup of tea. You could even give them a box as an additional gift and complete this gift in the best way possible.

What are you waiting for, snap this up before it sells out to all the other tea lovers across the country!


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