My Online Shopping Secrets

I’ll start this post with something that’s not so secret, my love of online shopping. The perfect way to cheer yourself up after a bad day, or simply while away the hours filling a virtual basket – before realising you can’t afford to spend your whole pay check on new clothes!

But over the years I have discovered how to enjoy online shopping, stay on trend AND benefit from great bargains and discounts. Today I thought I would share those secrets with you, so you too can maximise your return when online shopping – after all who doesn’t want that dress you’ve been keeping your eye on for months, for less?

Keep an eye out for discounts – never shop without a discount code

Once I have whittled down my online basket to only the “essentials” (yeah, right!) I always, always ensure that I go on the hunt for a discount code.

Simply searching “[store name] code” or “[store name] discount” should normally bring up some key discount websites, these collate the most recent voucher codes. You can save a lot of money using Groupon, there are even Groupon coupons that you can double up on your savings with.

Or, go back to basics and ask a friend – especially if they’re a student!

Just be weary of basket time out, some websites only give you 30 minutes before your items go back on general sale so don’t spend too much time on the hunt.

Track deal sites – let other people do the work for you!

The hard work in many cases has already been done for you online, with some people’s jobs purely being to focus on sourcing the best deals, discounts and bargains. Imagine!

Take full advantage and sign up to these websites, join the Facebook or WhatsApp groups and stay on top of the latest deals – you never know what you could hear about, and you wouldn’t want to miss out. Especially if you have a big spend purchase. Don’t miss out on the deal of the day at Sello either.

Auction websites are great for good deals – for brand new as well as used/old

Known more for purchasing second-hand clothing, I buy an awful lot of new things from auction websites. With the option to “purchase now” rather than having to bid against the clock and other users, you can make that purchase instantly and often at a fraction of the cost on market leading websites that are selling things for full RRP. It’s always worth a look before you commit to making a company the sale.

Remember too, if you calculate things at CPW (cost-per-wear) they always seem much more affordable! Though I am not sure I should necessarily be positively encouraging you to purchase that designer handbag…

So, after many years’ experience these are my top tips – but what are yours?


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