Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Review

For as long as I can remember I have wanted a nose job. No matter how many times people say you look fine, your nose is ok or you don’t need surgery, if you aren’t happy with your looks these words really become pointless.

However rhinoplasty is expensive, typically costing around £4,000, and also means at least 2 weeks off work to recover. Neither of which sounded particularly appealing – I would rather use that money and time to go on  holiday!

So a few months ago when I discovered a new procedure called non-surgical rhinoplasty I couldn’t stop researching it. From how it works to hundreds of before and after photos, I was a girl obsessed and knew that I had to give it a try.

Known as the 15-minute nose job this procedure is quick and at around £350 a lot more affordable too.

I visited La Belle Forme in Brentwood for the procedure and I was finished in just 30 minutes, with most of that time spent completing paperwork, signing waivers and taking before and after shots!

The clinic itself was bright, airy and welcoming. I was immediately settled in on a sofa to complete a medical questionnaire, before being taking in to the treatment room to fully discuss my requirements.




The treatment itself was carried out by a fully registered nurse, and I cannot say how important this is. Some beauty salons offer the treatment but with something so obviously visual is it really worth taking the risk of scaring or further complications by not visiting an expert?

I was slightly nervous due to the fact I was about to have needles, willingly, stuck in my face but was quickly put at ease and left not feeling stressed at all. Additionally I had numbing cream applied to the core areas to assist in making the procedure less painful.

For the non-surgical rhinoplasty 1ml of Juvederm Violift was used from 2 needles. This was shown to me before we started, which was oddly comforting as at least I knew what to expect.

After taking a few before photos I was quickly settled on to the treatment bed and the procedure began. The key areas where my nose was not level and therefore required filler were injected and levelled out.

In all honesty the top of my nose was not painful at all and you barely knew a needle was being used, the only area I struggled with was when the base of my nose wasn’t injected to slightly upturn the tip – I think it’s likely this is because that area is more “fleshy” and therefore hadn’t absorbed the numbing cream entirely.

But with the whole treatment over in less than 15 minutes even  if it had been a little more painful I think it would be bareable – even more so when I was shown the results!

Having taken the after photos we sat down to compare these, it is difficult I have discovered to fully assess your own nose via a mirror! The results left me estatic.




You could really see where the non-surgical rhinoplasty had left my nose smoother and looking small disputes having had filler injected. The slight upturn to the tip too provided a more refined look too.

Later posting the images to social media, friends and family couldn’t believe that I hadn’t had a ‘real’ nose job – the results are simply that impressive.

I really cannot recommend the procedure, and La Belle Forme, more if you are unhappy with your nose or thinking of rhinoplasty. Before the treatment the nurse said that this may leave me thinking twice about going under the knife – and I think she might have been right!


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