Military Fashion AW13

The military trend is one that keeps coming back to the runways time and time again. This effortless look can be traced all the way back to 200BC (although it would have been on the battlefield rather than catwalk!) and features a host of staple wardrobe pieces.

From military coats with their strong structure, to camouflage print jackets that were popular at festivals not so long ago and Magnum military boots. The trend is a strong, powerful one but that doesn’t mean you have to go all out army to make it work! Just a few key pieces will ensure you are on-trend without having to shave your head and don a Bergen.

But whilst the trend keeps reappearing it is evolving itself and the key pieces that we see on the runways are different to those that have featured in the past. Not too long ago the popular military trend feature epilates and brass buttons, a very smart and formal look.


Whilst these collections were popular the trend has adapted in to a more relaxed and comfortable look, with camouflage prints and military boots having a strong presence this season.

Whilst we don’t really have the necessity of wearing camouflage for its true purpose, it is a pattern that can easily be introduced into your daily wardrobe. From camouflage trousers or leggings, think Rihanna, to a jacket over jeans and a tee. The trend is really transferrable to a whole range of outfits, meaning it is a great trend to invest in for now and the future seasons.


But whilst the trend adapts in many ways, there are some military pieces that are completely timeless and will forever be key pieces in wardrobes across the world. My personal favourite is the Burberry trench coat.

The Burberry trench coat was designed in 1914, when the company were commissioned by the War Office to adapt the offer’s coats. After the war the trench coat became popular with the general public and here began their introduction in to mainline fashion!

Do you love the military trend?


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