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I have long been a fan of baby products; after all if they are gentle enough for babies then they will be perfect for adults too. I always keep a bottle of baby shampoo in the cupboard, not only is it great for washing my hair and leaving it silky smooth but you can use it to wash your make-up brushes too!

For this reason you should never ignore products that may seem to be targeted at babies or mums. There is no reason why they aren’t suitable for you, the packaging will just be slightly “younger” than what you are used to seeing.

With this in mind I recently gave the miamoo travel pack a trial. miamoo was born from the suffering of its founder from extremely dry skin. With such a strong passion to find something that would fix their itchy skin they embarked on a huge trial of various lotions and potions.

After researching ingredients in typical high street products and realising that they could actually make the condition worse, miamoo was born and has been helping treat sensitive skin from babies to grandparents ever since.




The travel pack contains a great selection of products that would be perfect to keep in your gym bag or take away for the weekend/a holiday. Inside you will find some really cute 30ml bottle of products, including: body wash, shampoo, body oil, body lotion, spray cleanser and a thicker body cream.

At £15 the cost for this set isn’t extortionate for the variety of products included, you also get a lovely waffle cloth flannel which is a great addition. My personal favourite product is the thicker body cream, named “cheeky cream.” While it takes a little longer to absorb than its lotion counterpart I know that this would be really great for those that suffer with dry skin or, if you are abroad, sunburn. A little bit goes a long way too so this 30ml jar would last you a decent length of time.


Overall I am really impressed with the miamoo range and will certainly be adding them to my list of favourites. It’s always worth looking at products and ranges that may not be directly targeted at you, often they can be exactly the same as what you would usually buy but cheaper!

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