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I love shopping, it is by my own admittance my primary hobby in life. But sometimes I am just at a loss as to what shoes to pair with an outfit, or what jacket would look perfect with a certain dress. That’s where Lookiero comes in to solve my shopping woes!

An online personal shopper, after sign-up you start by running through a few stages of sharing your preferences in terms of style, taste, colour and price. Boards of various trends and styles are displayed for you to choose your preferences, and your personal shopper then utilises this information to pick the perfect items for you.

It’s really as simple as that. I signed-up with a special offer that meant my first shipment was free, but usually there is a £10 processing fee per order – return shipping is free, and your fee is deducted from any purchases you make.

Unfortunately, the Lookiero schedule was quite full when I placed my initial order, and I had to wait around 3 to 4 weeks for my package to arrive. But it was worth it!

My package arrived in a big brown box, and the items inside were wrapped in branded tissue paper which was a great touch. Included in your delivery are style boards for the each of the items that your personal shopper has chosen for you. These show you how to wear the pieces and include shoes and jewellery even to make sure you utilise them in the very best way.

Inside I had been sent 5 items, including a coat, dress, skirt and 2 tops. It was great to see a coat in there alongside some more “basic” items that would fit perfectly in to every wardrobe. The coat actually turned out to be the pieced I loved the most too, and it fit perfectly!


The brands included were not ones I have heard of before but as Lookiero is a Spanish company I imagine that they are European brands, much alike Zara or Pull and Bear. Either way this means you’ll get unique pieces that others can’t shop for over here. Price wise, you input approximately what you’re willing to pay for each piece when you run through the initial process.

Unfortunately, the coat I loved was £80 which was just a bit too pricey for me, it wasn’t incredibly thick and so I think it just wouldn’t be worth it for the short Autumn period I could wear it. But had it been slightly cheaper I definitely would have kept it!

If you choose to keep all the items in your box you get a 25% discount off your whole order, so with my total order costing £229.68 this was a more than reasonable discount of £57.42 is I kept everything.

My only disappointment, and slight annoyance, is that despite the free returns (and the returns process is very simple, you just select what you want to keep or return via the Lookiero website) you can only return via DPD pick-up locations – of which there are very few it would seem, so perhaps it’s worth locating these before you make your purchase as you need to return everything within 5 days.

Overall, if the returns options were increased, or I had a DPD location more convenient to me, I would definitely utilise Lookiero on a regular basis. It gave me some inspiration to try new things and offered a few new ways to wear them too.

Have you tried a personal shopping service before?



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