Lokum Turkish Delight

If you’re looking for a unique gift or treat for yourself then this is certainly is! Usually it’s what you would receive from people who have been on holiday to turkey, but why just limit it to then?

Turkish delight is delicious and comes in a range of flavours, but what makes this turkish delight so special? Not only do Lokum Istanbul package is beautifully but these are the most wonderful tasting sweet treats I have ever had!

Retailing from just £10, for a selection in a super cute “fez” box, Lokum turkish delight would make the perfect gift for a friend or perhaps Mother’s Day. The box I sampled had a selection of different flavours in, each as lovely as the last. I also love that there is a little fork instrument included in the package – a really unique way to devour the sweets!

Lokum Istanbul Turkish Delight

Lokum Istanbul Turkish Delight

Lokum Istanbul Turkish Delight

Lokum Istanbul Turkish Delight

Lokum Istanbul Turkish Delight

“Throughout the centuries, Turkish Delight has been an essential part of traditional cuisine. It became popular in Europe during the 18th Century when it was brought back to the UK and given the name by which we all know it now, Turkish Delight!

Lokum Istanbul has not only revisited the time honored traditional methods of producing Turkish Delight by mixing honey or fruit syrups with flour, but has brought Turkish Delight to a whole new international audience with exclusive flavors such as Lemon, Rose, Mandarin, Fig and Walnut, and Pistachio.”

You can purchase this gift box and others here.

Do you love turkish delight like me?


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