Learn Spanish on your iPhone

For a long while I have wanted to learn a new language, but with working full-time alongside running this blog and trying to have a social life – I have never really been able to fit it in!

That was until I found out about apps on your iPhone that make learning languages fun, easy and enable me to fill those few hours I spend commuting each day productively.

My app of choice is called Duolingo; it’s free to purchase from the app store and made it really easy to learn a few new words and sentences that will be sure to help me next time I pay the beautiful country a visit! It’s always of great benefit to know some of the local language when you travel, and whilst I admit to not fully knowing I always try to at least learn hello, goodbye and thank you. It always feels much more polite to say these words in the native tongue!


Whilst I love to learn new things and pretty much always have my nose in a book or a Google search, learning a new language is an entirely daunting thing. The differences between English and other languages are huge; from structuring your sentences in a different order to how you normally would, to having to learn the correct way to say a word dependent on if you are addressing a man or a woman – there is so much to learn and know that you really have to be committed to making it work.

But unlike books and audio tapes, these interactive apps mean that you can quickly access your learning material from wherever you are on your iPhone – even on your flight over to your destination!

Picking up some of the language so quickly and easily has really encouraged me to keep it up and maybe look to learn bits and pieces from a few others too – after all, it’s always nicer to feel at home when abroad!


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