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It turns out that private chefs aren’t only for the rich and famous, thanks to La Belle Assiette! Fine dining in your own home, without the need to prepare or cook any of the food, is now a reality for us all – and the best bit? The chef even does your washing-up!

La Belle Assiette offer a number of chefs across the UK who create individual menus for you and your guests to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. With prices ranging from £39pp for a minimum of 6 people, it can also be pretty affordable – particularly when you consider you can purchase your own wine at supermarket prices, rather than hefty restaurant ones.

After booking, I was introduced to Chris Young who would be our chef for the evening and was actually from the local area. We had an initial phone call to discuss any dietary requirements and for him to explain the menu to me, and this was then emailed out to all of my guests in a RSVP email. I really liked this touch as it ensured everybody had received the same information, and the fact that Chris could be flexible on the menu too was great – we had one vegetarian and he was sure to provide something just as delicious as the rest of us were eating for them too.

Chris arrived just before 7pm, and by 7.30pm we were indulging on a range of delicious canapes. From foie gras to feta and much more – these were moutfuls of heaven and we could have eaten platefuls more! These were a great start to the meal and perfect to enjoy whilst sipping on our first drink of the evening.

Shortly after we had finished our canapes we took our seats and were served an amuse bouche of Northern Thai soup – when I say this was the most delicious soup I have ever eaten I am really not lying. The flavours were absolutely divine, and the small portion just didn’t seem enough – although I am not sure we would have managed the next 3 courses if we had eaten as much as we would have liked!



For starter we had crown of asparagus, which was accompanied by a type of potato salad and all tasted as divine as the courses before. Then our mains were served, a chicken breast filled with prawn mousseline, savoy cabbage, roasted root vegetable, boulangere potatoes and a creamy lobster sauce  – try saying that after a few glasses of wine!

Chris took the time to explain each of our courses, and the vegetarian meal too. The quality of the ingredients used was second to none, you could taste the freshness of the vegetables and the meat was cooked to perfection. Chicken is not typically what I would choose when eating out, but this was above and beyond what I had expected.

Finally we were served dessert,  triple layer baileys chocolate cheesecake. Despite being full our plates were all left clean after this – the chocolatey, creamy goodness being a treat for the taste buds as a final course. The best bit? Chris left behind the 2 extra pieces he had made for us to enjoy the next day!

IMG_0038 IMG_0035




My family and myself continued our evening after our last plates were cleared, and to be honest we almost forgot Chris was there until he came out to say goodbye! It was only when returning to the kitchen after he had left that I questioned whether he had ever been there at all – the kitchen was clean and tidy, with the washing-up done and put away.

Can I keep him?

If you’re looking to hire a private chef in Essex, or anywhere else across the UK, be sure to take a look at La Belle Assiette – I couldn’t recommend them more.


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