Intu Lakeside Personal Shopping for Men

I visited the Intu Lakeside personal shopper last year when I was hunting down a look for a Summer wedding – and I was over the moon with the experience and my final outfit selection.

The best part about the Intu Lakeside personal shopper is that they are not bias or tied to a shop, they do not make commission from any particular store and so you really do have free reign within the centre. This actually plays an important part to your personal shopper introduction, you will brief them on your style, favourite stores and whether you require an outfit for something in particular or just want to change your look!

Located in the middle of the shopping centre, the lounge is open to everybody and offers mobile charging and WiFi – just off to the side is the personal shopper lounge where you will be greeted with a drink of your choice and some fashion inspiration whilst you wait!

This time my focus was slightly different – mens clothing. Most of us have a man in their life that sticks to what they know and wears the same style outfit time and time again. Often they cannot be bothered to go shopping for longer than 5 minutes and so it is impossible to get them to try anything else!

Well, I have found the answer to that – involve a professional. Despite months of advising that slim jeans are not just made for those with drainpipe legs, and that they are in fact more slimming than a baggier bootcut type, I was ignored… it wasn’t until our personal shopper for the day confirmed what I had been saying that suddenly they were on the “must buy” list!


So, with jeans a priority we hit Levi’s were more jeans were tried on than I have ever known. What’s great about this store is that they have a tailor who can alter any jeans which may be a little bit too long – particularly great for 5 foot 4″ me!

I was really impressed with the clothes chosen, they were very accurate to what we were looking for and they created some really nice new looks that were different enough from the norm but not too scary!

We even discovered a brand in House of Fraser that I have never noticed before, but that suited down to the ground! I know where I will be buying future Birthday and Christmas presents from..!

The experience was really useful and informative, and I think especially for men it gives you the opportunity to try something new and mix up your style. Experimenting with new looks is something that most people are a bit cautious about, so by having somebody in the know advising you you can be sure that you look stylish and not strange!

The strange bit about the whole process was that I was the one sat waiting in the changing rooms – instead of the other way round!



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