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We can all be quite house proud at times. We love nothing more than showing off our homes when they are completed and designed to perfection. However, some of us still might be in the stages where are planning how to decorate our home. Maybe you have lost your inspiration along the way and are struggling to complete the decoration. So I thought I would throw a little inspiration your way and share with you some of the interior design ideas that will make your friends green with envy. Be house proud with reason. I hope they help.

Make more of your windows

Your windows can be a large feature of any room. They can off drama and sophistication with only a few subtle touches. The thing is, a window is often a forgotten detail of an interior decoration for any room. So be different and make it a grand feature of your design. Consider things like montgomery curtains or venetian blinds. Anybodies eyes will be drawn to a window so make sure you give it the wow factor.

Consider colour schemes that flow together but are unique to the room

Colour schemes are great for any room, but the main issue is when they don’t flow together throughout your home. It can mean that you have clashing colours which instead of looking well thought out or design can just give anyone a plain headache. Think about your colour choices and ensure that each room flows together. Let your home tell a story.

Minimalist approaches offer great designer looks

No one likes clutter. It can make any home look messy without you even intending it to. So a minimalist approach is a great concept to consider. There are some fantastic ways you can begin to declutter your home that takes no time at all. Of course, you don’t need to go tnay extreme where you have nothing in your home. After all, your home is supposed to be an extension of your personality. But a little but of minimalist inspiration can go a long way.

Don’t stick to the mainstream stores when it comes to home purchases

Often an inspired interior decoration is not something you will find in a high street store catalogue or in the windows of your favourite shop. A unique look is all about the key pieces that no one else will have. So hunt out bargains in thrift stores or charity shops. Make sure you look at websites like eBay for bargains. There is always something worthy on there that will be a huge talking point.

Create DIY touches

Finally, there is nothing more unique than adding a DIY touch to your decoration. So head to websites like Pinterest and see what you can come up with. You could create your own storage solutions or even just something quirky for a wall hanging. The options are endless so get creating and add your own touch to your home

I hope these ideas have inspired you with your home decoration.


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