Hunkemoller Underwear

Buying underwear is an addiction that I am not ashamed to admit to. Nothing makes you feel more put together, and a touch more glamorous, than a luxurious matching underwear set – whether anybody gets to see it or not! So when I recently discovered Hunkemoller I knew I had found my idea of heaven.

Based in Northern Europe, Hunkemoller has been creating beautiful lingerie for over 130 years – impressive to say the least! This filled me with the confidence to know that they would be able to create underwear that felt as good as it looked – little did I know how true that would be.

Only recently have Hunkemoller launched to the UK market with their direct UK site, enabling you to shop and purchase in GBP rather than EUR. A benefit we can all appreciate! The items are, however, still shipped from Europe which means the postage is £6 per order. A little pricey but when the underwear is this good, and the prices fairly reasonable, it’s not all that bad at all.

Looking for a new underwear set for everyday use, my eyes fell on the Pia set. Black in colour with a subtle pinstripe detail to the bra and Brazilian briefs, it was absolutely gorgeous. Alas when looking for a DD I hit a stumbling block – but on contacting their helpful team I discovered that their E is the equivalent to a DD. Back I was on my route to purchasing happiness!

Retailing at £25 for the Pia Bra and £12 each for the Brazilian Pia, this set were straight in my basket and off to checkout.




Despite shipping from outside the UK, my order arrived pretty quickly and I was delighted when I opened the packaging. The set looked even better than online, it was high quality and the fabric luxurious too. It was when wearing them for the first time, however, that I discovered just how much I would love Hunkemoller!

Not only did the set look fantastic but it has to be one of the most comfortable underwear sets I have ever worn. The bra is perfectly moulded and the E is the perfect fit. The briefs too sit at just the right position, making them comfortable to wear all day with no problems. I never thought I could love underwear this much!

So not only do I highly recommend you check out Hunkemoller asap, but I am off to purchase a whole lot more underwear that I probably do not need!



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