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As part of my new healthy lifestyle regime I have been looking in to exercise. I have never really been a fan of sport or exercise but as I start to get older I know that I need to start putting in a little more effort – plus I will feel less guilty about eating something naughty if I have burnt some calories off first!

I have visited gyms in the past but I really don’t like them. I always feel everybody is watching me look disgustingly hot and sweaty, even though they probably aren’t! So instead I have looked for things I can do in the comfort of my own home and fit around my life.

There is a website called Gym Cube that does just this. At a cost of £5.95 a month you can access an unlimited amount of pre-recorded and live gym classes. There is a timetable which you can stick to like you would at a real gym if you prefer that, or you can take your pick from their extensive list anytime day or night.


With classes from Ravefit to yoga, combat and abs blast there is something for every possible mood or target area that you wish to focus on.

In the lead up to Christmas they have launched a “The Little Black Dress Workout” which I am following at the moment. If you’re interested in this we are on session 4 now but don’t worry as you can access previous classes through the anytime section of the website and catch up.



This class is great and focuses on all the areas you want to tone in order to look fabulous in that LBD come Christmas time.

I really would recommend Gym Cube if you are like me and worry about others seeing you exercise! Hopefully this will help kick-start my healthy lifestyle regime and build an interest in exercise.

PS If you sign up today you can get a free 10 day trial to test it out!


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