Giraffe World Kitchen at Intu Lakeside

If I am honest, I am entirely an online shopping type of girl. I cannot deal with the stress of crowds, queues at checkout and messy clothes racks in many high street stores. However, one thing I do like going shopping (particularly at somewhere like Intu Lakeside) is the food options – and this time I paid a little visit to Giraffe.

Despite having heard many great things about Giraffe, this was my first visit! I was impressed too from the moment I walked in. This venue had been recently renovated and you could tell, with everything having that new look – with some very stylish additions too.

The restaurant is based down on the promenade area, which means that in the summer months you can take a seat outside by the lake which is really nice. It look idyllic with the sun setting behind it!


What I really loved, however, was the wide and varied menu that was on offer. If you didn’t know, Giraffe offers food from around the world – but typically with a little twist. From Turkish pizzas, to Japanese curries and Spanish tapas. I think you would struggle not to find something to try here. I personally didn’t know what to choose, but only because I wanted to try about 3 different things!

In the end between us we opted for the Baked Topped Hummus (£5.95), Prawn Saganaki (£6.25), Chilli Beef Burrito (£10.95) and a Smoky Chicken Turkish Pide (£10.50).






To tell you I was impressed when each of the dishes arrived was an understatement! The servings were very generous and each was just as delicious as the last. The prawns were large, juicy and tasty – and served alongside the baked topped hummus it was the perfect introduction to our evening. The only negative I will say is that the hummus was SO hot it burnt the roof of my mouth, so be a little less eager than me to eat it!

The mains were just as delicious as the starters. The Turkish Pide was not something I had heard of or tried before, but I was glad I did. Topped with feta instead of the traditional mozzarella, this pizza had an almost pretzel like crust which was absolutely delicious. I would definitely try one of these again. The burrito too was a great size and packed with fillings, the chilli beef itself being incredibly tasty.

Alongside our food we tried a cocktail or two from Giraffe’s great range, with a Bramble Garden and a Hugo – featuring prosecco and fresh mint. Both were really lovely and it was impressive that a place like Giraffe would have such a wide menu of cocktails, that were fresh too.



Of course, we couldn’t leave without sampling some desserts. Before visiting a restaurant I like to check out their menu online, however Giraffe seemed to keep their dessert menu somewhat a secret! So it was a surprise when we were presented with it.

It offered various cakes, cheesecakes, sundaes and much more. However one thing I have always wanted to try are churros, so there was no other option for me! My partner went for the sundae which featured pretzels on tops. Both were around the £5/£6 mark so certainly no extortionate, particularly for the size of the portion.



The churros were delicious and I opted for both the chocolate/caramel sauce and the chocolate orange one. I will say that the chocolate orange one was a little bitter for me, it tasted almost as if the rind had been included, but I certainly made full use of the other dip instead!

Overall I was really impressed with my visit to Giraffe, and I especially wanted to mention the excellent service that we receiving too. From arrival, to checking whether we needed more drinks and also being quick with the bill when requested (a bug bear of mine!) the staff were excellent and praise is well deserved.

So if you’re ever near a Giraffe, particularly if having to face the crowds whilst shopping, be sure to stop for a bite to eat – it is most definitely worth a visit.


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