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Last year I put together a little wishlist of Fitflops, which you can view here, after they were featured in Vogue. These shoes have come a long, long way from the original style and there are so many options now that there most certainly is a pair for every outfit, style and occasion.

I will admit that when these shoes first launched I wasn’t a massive fan of them. They seemed a little too chunky for me and the range wasn’t wide enough. However fast forward a few years and here I am wearing my very own pair!

These newly launched Fiflops are the Skinny Leather Patent style in Urban White retailing at £64.99. The cork style base makes them the perfect summer wardrobe addition and their leg and bum toning properties also make them perfect for the season too!

My mum highly rates these shoes and has several pairs, in fact she rarely wears anything else as she finds them so comfortable. So based on that recommendation I thought I would put them to the test.

Fiflops Skinny Leather Patent
Fiflops Skinny Leather Patent

Fiflops Skinny Leather Patent

Fiflops Skinny Leather Patent

I am actually really in love with these shoes. It was a decision between these and a pair of the toe post Birkenstocks but these won me over due to their wobbleboard technology.

If you don’t know what this is here is a brief overview:

Delivering extraordinary comfort, it not only helps absorb shock but can also diffuse underfoot pressure, by instantly increasing the contact area of the foot to midsole.”

I have worn them on my walk to and from the station and they are definitely comfortable. I suffer from calf and shin pain when walking and these have helped alleviate this, the shock absorbing technology certainly helps to balance out my stride.

I will admit that these little shoes have truly won me over and I am already looking to see what pair I want next!

What do you think of the new style FitFlops?


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