Feel Good Drinks

When it comes to feeling good, I have only recently discovered that something which is key is what you are putting in to your body! Without this as a basis, just how are you going to start enjoying everything else life has to offer?

After discovering that certain things I was eating were in fact poising my body, I looked to cut them out and kick myself in to a better routine food wise. This has impacted on me massively and enabled me to do and enjoy so much more than I could before. All for just a few simple changes.

Feel Good drinks encompass that idea, and that’s why I decided to have a little “Feel Goodness” party and mix some soft drink cocktails up – both healthy and unlikely to leave you with a fuzzy head the next morning.

These drinks are 100% natural and therefore the perfect alternative to that can of fizzy drink or sugar laden fruit juice. With sparkling or still versions, there are options for whatever time of day or mood you find yourself in – what’s more with the addition of just a few other ingredients you can have yourself a tempting and delicious cocktail. That of course, you could always add a shot of alcohol to if you felt like it!

Whether it’s the Apple and Elderflower, Cranberry and Pomegranate or Cranberry and Lime versions that set your tastebuds tingling – there is a cocktail for you. These would be great too for a child’s birthday party, to make them feel that little bit more grown up and to have a little fun too.

Plus, Feel Good drinks retail from just 55p – so you really don’t need to splash the cash to try a healthier alternative in your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Join me in getting the bunting and balloons out, and get your best shaking skills on – we have cocktails to make!


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