Favourite Beauty Salon Treatments

There are certain times in the year when looking good becomes a necessity, and Christmas time is one of them. Whether it’s for Christmas Day itself, New Year’s Eve or even your work party – ensuring you look and feel your best means you can relax and just have a good time.

For me my key beauty essentials are anything that means less maintenance for me. Every fortnight  have my semi-permeant lashes reapplied which means I don’t need to worry about mascara and can rub my eyes at any time of the day without becoming a panda, and I am always a fan of eyebrow tinting too to save time on any brow preening each morning.

So, in the essence of preparing for December and ultimately Christmas I have been indulging in a little bit of pampering and discovering a few new things along the way.

Eyebrow Threading & Tinting

Surprisingly cheap, depending on where you go, this will typically set you back around £11-£15 unless you visit a top end salon. I personally don’t find threading too painful, but it definitely depends on who you have do it. The best thing you can do is take a deep breath and relax though, any hair removal hurts a lot more when you are tense!

Brows are always perfectly finished with tinting to a level of your choice. As I am blonde and quite fair I don’t tend to go too dark on my brows, but just enough to ensure that for at least a month I don’t have to spend 5 minutes a day shaping and colouring them in. Anything that means a few extra minutes in bed is good news to me!

Online Salon Booking

I don’t know how it has taken me so long to discover this, but there are a couple of websites that have various salons in locations across the UK available for you to book instantly online. With a live booking system you can book a number of treatments, choose what time you would like to arrive and if it’s available you just enter a few details and you’re done! No need to telephone or email them via a contact form that you aren’t sure they even receive.

One of my favourite examples of this is Book Your Lifestyle, who have a number of salons across London that are easy-peasy for me to visit after work – and they are reasonable too! Sheer Bliss in Dalston is just 15 minutes on the tube for my office and I can have a haircut & blow dry, eyebrow threading/tint and gel nails for just £86! A particular bargain when you consider the salon is in London too.

Acrylic Nails

Ok, so I have read a few things about how acrylics are bad for your nails but after years of never really being able to grow them to any length without biting them I wanted to finally enjoy some girly nails! Stick-ons have never worked for me and so I knew they weren’t the answer, so instead I opted to try a full set of acrylics with gel polish.

I am totally in love with them, and the shade of the polish is perfect too. I didn’t get them cut too long as I do a lot of typing and didn’t need them slowing me down, but they are an ideal length and finally give me the nice looking nails I have always desired

Spray Tanning

A necessity for any big event, particularly when you leave in the county of Essex! Being pale is not an option, and when you have put the effort in to primping and preening everything else there is nothing better than adding a bit of bronze to finish your look off.

So, what are your beauty salon secrets for looking good and feeling better – any particular favourite treatments?


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