Essentials for the spring transition

It’s that time of year where the snow stops falling, the sunflowers come out from hiding and the prospect of summer is on the horizon. I love spring, it’s the first sign that there is life after a cold and dark winter. But when it comes to my wardrobe, everything gets a bit lost in confusion.

Which is why I thought I would pull out my key essentials to ensure a successful transition from winter to spring. From footwear to outerwear, ensuring you are cool enough for the day but warm enough at night is an essential – and is certainly where layering plays a key part!


Sheepskin boots. My saviour for all seasons. The natural fibres ensure that your feet are warm when they need to be, but kept cooler when the sun decides to shine. The perfect addition to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, or lighter jumper. Just throw on a leather jacket and you’re good to go.

These particular boots are handmade in the UK by Celtic & Co, who offer a wide range of high quality women’s sheepskin boots – with a colour for every outfit available to boot.

What’s more, they are SO comfy too! Meaning they are perfect for a long walk on a Sunday, or shopping with the girls on a Saturday. Your wardrobe needs a pair, trust me.


Say goodbye to thick, cumbersome coats and hello to lightweight trench coats and jackets. I have a wardrobe bursting to the seams with jackets in various styles and colours, but my favourite has to be the black leather jacket. The perfect accessory to pretty much every outfit, adding a slightly tougher edge to a feminine and floaty dress or casually thrown over a tracksuit when you’re feeling a little lazier.

I purchased my “leather” jacket from George at ASDA and I absolutely love it! Not only was it low-cost but it fits like a dream, and is one of the most worn key pieces in my wardrobe. There’s a range of colours too…


Bear with me. We’re not talking about thick, woolly scarves that would keep you warm in a blizzard. Instead I mean creating a collection of silk or cotton scarves that can dress an outfit up with barely any effort at all.

Too cold just to wear a t-shirt, but too warm to wear a jacket? Throw on a scarf! It can double up as a shawl if the weather takes a turn for the worst, or a blanket for an impromptu picnic in the sunshine! What more do you want from an accessory?

What are your essentials for the spring transition?



  1. says

    Awesome post!
    I’m so excited to start wearing my Mac trench coat again. I always get so cold in the winter, it’s just not warm enough.
    But now that spring is arriving slowly but surely, I’m ready to put my beloved coat to good use!
    Love, debs @

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