DermaTx Microdermabrasion System

After several years working in the city, my once smooth skin has left me and instead I have developed pollution worn and slightly dry skin. Devestating, right? Unfortunately staring at it in the mirror for prolonged periods of time won’t fix it, so instead I decided to look for a solution.

Thankfully Andrea at Dermacare Direct was only too happy to help – and helpful she was! After describing the problems I was facing and my desired outcome, she immediately recommended their DermaTx Microdermabrasion System.

The device sounded simple to use and by performing the treatment 2-3 times a week great results were promised!

Naturally, as any skincare lover will admit, I had my doubt about just how much change a system such as this could make. I have used exfoliators and microdermabrasion creams in the past without too much success, so I hoped this would blow them all out of the water and prove me wrong…

That is certainly did.

First, when the product arrived I absolutely loved the packaging. It just felt so luxe and like a serious piece of equipment. Retailing at £70 this system wasn’t especially expensive for what it was – but that relied on it performing as promised and delivering on the results I expected it to.


The instructions read to apply the provided cream to the foam attachment of the device, this enabled the crystals to become embedded and work to their best advantage once pressed against your skin.

The treatment itself was quick and painless – everything you want in a skincare treatment! This also meant that it was enjoyable enough to perform to the recommended 2-3 times a week.

But the results? Well, I wanted to give this a fair trial and so I used it over the course of 1-2 months, albeit with a few weeks of not using it 2-3 times a week. And I am definitely impressed! I will admit that this system was money well spent.

Whilst I don’t have magically transformed skin, it is certainly looking a lot more healthy and glowing. The slight “pitting” I had experienced has been reduced and even my blackheads are looking a little less obvious.

I will certainly continue using this system and I hope with time the results will only get better and better!


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