Colour and Moods

Have you every wondered what the colours you wear say about you? Most people tend to sway towards a single or selection of similar colours when they go shopping for their newest wardrobe additions, but have you ever thought about what these colours say about you.

Personally my wardrobe features a lot of black & white/monochrome, but also quite a bit of red and pink. Black & white/monochrome is a really easy colour to wear and so it makes sense that I am heavily reliant on it. It is easy to accessorise and dress up or down depending on the occasion.

I tend to be drawn towards red on a night out as I think it is a really glamorous colour to wear, but pink often features on nights out too.

But what do these colours mean?

Well when New Look launched a campaign called Colour and Moods I thought I would have a look! The results are interesting too.


Black & White/Monochrome:

The monochrome combination is timeless. While white denotes purity and simplicity conversely black can seem rebellious, mischievous and mysterious.ย  Black and white is often considered the ultimate expression of minimalism, restraint and understatement. Yet, either of these polar opposites can also seem assertive and bold. Together, they make an elegantly balanced, confident combination that boosts self-esteem.


Playful and pretty, pink can be girly and sweet but also shows kindness and compassion. Sweet pastel pinks invoke a sense of youthful girliness whilst deeper rose shades are more mature and refined. Pink is perfect for the summer, adding a warmth to any look for a sun kissed style.



Fiery, passionate, sensational… Red is perfect for bringing the drama. It makes you look and feel bold and confident. Red is bold and wonderfully emotive. Deeper, warmer shades are romantic and passionate. If youโ€™re feeling daring, try brighter reds for a flash of drama. Be warned: women in red tend to have more fun!

Interesting! Take a look at the infographic here and find out what your colours say about you.

What colours do you tend to gravitate towards?



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