Boss Perfumes – Pour Femme

A range of perfumes that are succint in their style and class – echoing the ‘look’ behind each perfume and pleasantly pairing themselves to the time of day and occasion. This range of Boss perfumes are long lasting, both delicate and strong scented, and a lovely addition to any dressing room table.

What a lovely gift this set of 3 would be, allowing the recipient to pick and choose what they smell like and where – plus you have no chance of getting your choice wrong with such a range to give!

Entitled Ma Vie (pink), Jour Pour Femme (white) and Nuit Pour Femme (black) they echo french elegance and class from their name down to the bottle and scent. The ultimate picture of decedance.

With 30ml available online from just £20 you really can stock up on the whole set and have your choice of scents each day. From the floral pink shade in the early morning, to the grapefruit-esque essence of the white bottle for a lunchtime freshen up. My favourite however is the black bottle, musky and sensual – perfect for an evening out with friends or for dinner with the husband. It is the perfect pairing to a LBD and heels.



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