Bellamianta Luxury Tanning

I profess to loving all things tan. Until my discovery of this wonderful invention a few years ago I was destined to live my life incredibly pale, until I was able to catch a few rays on one of my annual holidays. Alas no more! Now I have found the perfect tan that leaves me olive toned, rather than orange, and almost means I don’t need to sunbathe at all!

Whilst tan is fantastic and means I can remain looking human all year round, it has taken me several years and 20+ tan brands to find a few that are now key to my beauty regime. The problem is that many of these tans leave you win an orange hue, not the best look nor is it very natural either.

Thankfully Bellamianta is entirely the opposite, and I was overjoyed to wake up the morning after application to see an olive toned tan had developed. Not so dark that people questioned by overnight colour change, but enough to leave me looking healthy and feeling confident.

My personal preference for tans is mousse as I always find this much easier to apply than a lotion, and less messy than any form of spray. However it does have the tendancy to slip from your tanning mitt, particularly when you go large on application, so it’s always best to lay a towel or sheet down before you start!

This set makes the perfect gift for yourself, or a special somebody this Christmas! Inside it is the Rapid Mousse (RRP £19.99) and a Luxury Tanning Mitt (RRP £7.99) plus a 50ml Tinted Lotion (RRP £5.00) – and it retails at just £25, saving you almost £8!

What I love too about the Bellamianta is that it has a space for your thumb. I’ve not much thougth about this before, but having this extra flexibility makes it so much easier to reach certain areas and I will definitely be using this now for all my tan applications.





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