Bare Faced Chic Nail Polish Advent Calendar

With the 1st December on the horizon, do you have an advent calendar ready and waiting for you? I didn’t until I stumbled across this beauty bargain from Chemist4U.

I have been watching eagerly as the various different beauty advent calendars have been released this year, and there seems to be more than ever! But whilst they all look beautiful and often have a great range of products, with prices upwards of £50 I just couldn’t face spending that much on an advent calendar.

My reluctance? You don’t necessarily know what you’re going to receive, and even when you do – would you actually buy all or most of it? Instead that money could be spent on full size products that will last you months to come. A little scrooge, I realise.

However when I stumbled across Chemist4U and their vast range of (absolute bargain) advent calendars I knew I had to invest!

The particular one I purchased, the Bare Faced Chic nail polish advent calendar, is unfortunately now out of stock – but there are a vast range of other calendars still available so do take a peek.

At JUST £7.99 this calendar features a whopping 24 different nail varnish shades – the perfect daily treat and addition to my nail polish range. Breaking it down that makes each polish just 33p each! A bargain that can’t be argued with.




So now I am truly looking forward to the festive season – how will you be counting down the days?



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