Autumn/Winter Boots

Having stocked up on my wardrobe for the coming season I have now turned my interest towards boots. I must admit that I love boots. They are so warm and comfy, perfect for when it gets a bit chilly.

The thing I dislike about them, however, is that there is far too much choice! Flat, wedges or with a heel? Long or short? Black, brown or purple? Where on earth do you start?

One of my go-to retailers for women’s shoes is Clarks. I have purchased from them in the past and have never been disappointed with either the quality or fit. I honestly would never go back to buying a pair of shoes for a few pounds. It really is worth the investment, perhaps not for your bank account but for your poor feet that have to suffer the confinement of your shoes all day long!

I tend to purchase two pairs of boots for the winter, one long pair and one shorter pair. When wearing longer dresses and skirts the long pair simply aren’t suitable as they leave me looking even shorter than I am!

So I had a look at the Clarks website and settled on finding my perfect pair of womens ankle boots. Now I want them all! What do you think?

Clarks Ankle Boots



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