Atomist Vapour Iron

It’s a true sign of officially growing up when you start to become obsessed with household appliances and ways to make your home truly yours. This obsession has been with me for years now and has been further expanded by the introduction of this little space age beauty.

The Atomist vapour iron, from Morphy Richards, is a revolutionary piece of equipment that all households deserve. Throw out that standard iron, with its clumpy base and metal face. Instead introduce your clothes to the wonder of glass and vapour – you won’t look back.

You can click here for a video created by the team at Morphy Richards on exactly what the iron does and how it works, but in honesty I always tend to prefer the written word when I am looking for a review on something that I want to purchase. So, read on if this is your preference.

Use less energy

The vapour mist technology, that is the building block of this iron, enables you to use 75% less energy than with conventional irons. Some real green points for you there!

Customise for your clothes

Choose the right temperature for your clothing to ensure they are finished to perfection each and everytime. No chance of a crease with the smoothness of the glass exterior. This iron glides over every fabric and makes the whole process a dream.


But really my favourite part of this product is in its design. It’s unlike any oven I have seen in a homeware department and it is truly unique. In fact, having it out in the utility room is even a talking point too! With people enquiring as to how it works and what makes it different – aside from the modern look of it.

Let’s be honest, ironing isn’t the most enjoyable experience for many of us so if there is a way to make it more exciting and easier too we should definitely grab it with both hands! The Atomist vapour iron does exactly that.

It requires 80% less water than conventional irons, meaning you don’t have to fill it up as regularly, and also has a 2 hour running time – so for those of you with big families you don’t have to worry about it running out half way through your ironing load!

One of my favourite features however, aside from the heat-safe base, is that the wire is fabric bound and therefore likely to last a whole lot longer than one coated in rubber or plastic. It remains flexible, as can be easily stored within the unit too, but I really do like this added amendment to the design to ensure longevity in the item and a little more a classy look too.

Currently available at £249.00 RRP use the code “ATO100” here to save a huge £100 on your purchase! 

This is where the exceptional begins…


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