Eyelash Extensions – The Process

You may or may not know that I get eyelash extensions twice a month.

Since having them put in for a black-tie ball I have become addicted, I am not ashamed to admit and am now living in a cycle of infill’s.

I have had a few people ask about the process and so I thought a blog post would solve all questions!


How long do they take to apply & how does it work?

The original process of applying the extensions to ‘empty’ lashes takes around 2 hours. Prior to application your eyelashes will be wiped with make-up remover to take off any mascara, which could cause clumping of the eyelash extensions.

You will then have a shield/guard applied to your bottom lashes so that they don’t become stuck to your top lashes. Although I will warn you that occasionally they do manage to get stuck together and it is a tiny bit painful to separate them – but it’s a quick process and no pain, no gain right?!

Your therapist/beautician will then go between your 2 eyes applying the extensions to your own lashes. They may also occasionally use a little ‘blower’ thing just to disperse the glue fumes.

Howoften do you have to have infills?

It depends on how quickly your natural lashes grow out. I have mine every 2 weeks but you might prefer to go longer or shorter. After a couple of sessions you will see at what stage your lashes look lacklustre and know to move your infill’s closer together.

How long do they last?

Lashes should last around 10 weeks, it is then recommended that you give them time to grow out and rest. Once you have done this you can have a new set applied again. Alternatively, if your
therapist feels your lashes are strong enough you can have infill’s past the 10 weeks – although it is advisable to give your lashes a rest at some point or they may become weak.

Arethey safe to go swimming with & get wet?

You have to avoid getting your lashes wet for 24-48 hours after application, this is to ensure that the glue dries properly and that the lashes set. After this you are free to get them as wet as you like and can go swimming like normal with them on.

I’ve actually worn mine in the pool and hot tub, both with Chlorine in, and they have been absolutely fine.

Do they all look the same?

The lashes come in different thicknesses. Your therapist will generally start you on the thinnest ones so that the look is not too much of a shock/too much on your first time. After having this for a fortnight, or whenever your infill appointment is, you can always ask to go thicker. I am on the 2nd thickness now and they are perfect.

I couldn’t be without my lashes now and am pleased that I started getting them done.

If you have any more questions about the process, etc please get in touch!

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  1. says

    Great review. Youre right you do get addicted. I had mine on for my birthday and had them done twice since. Theyre so easy rather than having to sit at the mirror for 10 minutes applying mascara! Giving mine a break though as alot of my eyelashes have became weak and fallen out

    • Carousel Diary says

      Thank you! They’re great aren’t they. I love that I can roll out of bed, fix my hair and be on my way rather than fussing with eye make-up. I am planning to give mine a rest soon to avoid weakness & breakage but it will feel really wierd no doubt!

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