Winter Boots from Brantano

With the Autumn and Winter months drawing ever nearer I have been on the hunt for the perfect winter boot.

I don’t know why but I struggle with this task so much. An A/W wardrobe, inclusive of a coat and knitwear, is no struggle at all. But boots I can never get right.

There are just too many options – I think that’s the main problem. Ankle, Calf, Knee, Over the Knee?! When you know you will be wearing them for at least a few months you want to get it right and ensure they go with as many outfits as possible.

I tend to avoid heels on boots because when it starts to get icy I would be on my face real fast. But I do love them for casual wear, although not entirely pratical for walking to and from work, plus around the office all day.

So just what do you choose? I turned to Brantano to give me a little bit of inspiration!

Brantano have a fantastic range of Boots and also stock Wellingtons, for when the heavens decide to open!

With so many pages and products to choose from I am not really any closer to deciding what boots I want for the coming season – somebody help?

But, after a very long deliberation, my personal favourites are the Emilio Luca X Call me Knee High Boots & Clarks Katelina Bay Ankle Boot Shoe Boots.

Picture1The Clarks boots especially are gorgeous and look like they will be of really high quality… Even if I will have to stop wearing them when it gets icy!

Where do you shop for boots for the winter season?


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