Body Shop White Musk Sun Glow

I recently ran low on perfume and decided to take a look at what else was on offer. I tend to stick to Chanel and Jimmy Choo, but as the sun seems to have made an appearance I felt like trying something a little better suited to the season.

Whilst browsing the Body Shop sale I came across this perfume from their White Musk range. Now, normally I would avoid the White Musk fragrance – it is not for me and I would associate it with the older age range. However, this was their “Sun Glow” summer version and the ombre shaded bottle swung me over.

White Musk Sun Glow

White Musk Sun Glow

White Musk Sun Glow

At only £8 in the sale it was also a bit of a bargain for a 60ml bottle.

The fragrance is a blend of peony, amber, peach and lemon. It is really fresh and also has seductive undernotes.

I would highly recommend this if you’re looking for a new scent on a budget – it’s currently living in my handbag for freshning up on the go!

You can buy the White Musk Sun Glow Eau de toilette from the Body Shop, currently at £8 instead of £16.



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    I’ve browsed through some of the Body Shop’s perfumes before and some of them are really lovely, they’re a good price too. I’ll definitely check this one out next time i’m in there. xx

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