What to do when you’re stuck at home?

With a minimum of 6 weeks at home after fracturing and dislocating my ankle, I have had to get a little bit creative trying to find things to keep me entertained whilst relegated to the sofa! Isn’t it typical that when you’re having a hard day at work, or stuck outside in the cold, you can’t think of anything better than sitting indoors and watching the TV – but when you’re forced to do it, that’s another story!

So, just how have I been filling my time?

Researching a summer holiday

What better way to occupy your time than planning how to get some warm sunshine on your face. With the grey skies outside, and central heating up high, I have spent many hours of my time looking online at where to go this summer. From Greece to Mexio, Cuba to Bali. There are so many options that it’s sure to keep you occupied for quite some time!

Have a little flutter

Could your time at home make you a profit? Online bingo is a great way to pass the time, and it’s also a great place to speak to new people over IM and while away some of your time – whilst ensuring you keep up with the numbers being called! Could you be lucky and win with bingo from Buddha?

Discovering new things, people and stories

A little bit of a black hole, in terms of losing most of your day following one article to the next! Wikipedia is a great place to spend some of your time whilst at home, and its so easy to discover new things and people you previously new nothing about. After watching a recent historical program I intended to do a quick search on Wikipedia to understand the family tree – fast forward a few hours and I am hundreds of years deep in the history of the royal family! Who knew it could occupy so much time.

How do you spend time at home when you’re bored of the TV, but not quite ready to leave the sofa yet?


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