What is Mindful Eating?

It’s not a new concept by any means, but connecting our mind and body when deciding what to eat is something that we should all be more mindful of. If you are anything like me your diet will fluctuate with your mood; which involves declaring that both a good and bad day need to be celebrated or improved by carbs.

However, mindful eating goes above and beyond emotional triggers. It involves being in the moment, focusing on your breathing, and truly appreciating the smells, flavours and textures of your food. Through doing this and chewing it slowly as you appreciate it more, you will find that you are eating a lot less and savouring the food more – leading to better digestion and less bloating too.

Perhaps mindful eating really is the way forward.

Take better focus on what your body wants rather than what you think you want to eat. Many food types can be signals that you actually need a specific nutrient in your body instead; for example when craving chocolate your body may be signalling that it needs some additional magnesium, and remember to always ensure you are drinking enough water as often you may be thirsty and not hungry.

Ok, so maybe this isn’t some groundbreaking diet plan that will have you dropping weight left, right and centre; but it will ensure that your body is truly getting what it needs and because of this your mind will be in a better position too.

LV= have also written a blog post on mindful eating which you can have a read of here.


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